Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Carrie in the closet, Charlotte on the streets, Miranda in the classroom, Samantha in the sheets.

The other night my roommates and I stayed in like potatoes and sat on the couch, dumping frozen Oreos in cups of fat-free milk. To our pleasure, Sex and the City 2 was on, with our very familiar friends, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda ridiculously adventuring around Abu Dhabi, the only city I know of in the Middle East thanks to the movie itself. For me, the movie is like the offspring between the Discovery Channel and the E! Network all in one, teaching its viewers about the culture and geography of an unknown land and being as funny as Chelsea Handler with the clothes shown on the latest Best Dressed on Fashion Police.

From watching it, I realized that Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda were all living the lives I wish I could be and should be living- flirting with lots of guys, traveling the world, and dancing at the hottest clubs. And more importantly, wearing the most obnoxiously amazing clothes. Almost everything on the backs and feet of each woman (wearing Louboutins while riding camels... like what. do. you. mean.?!) is something I want in my own closet.. Yes, even Miranda's clothes! In this movie, the makers were kind enough to replace her stuffy, boring, "I like women" screaming threads for ones that actually make her seem cool enough to hangout with the other 3 completely straight, sexually attractive, and charismatic ladies in the group.

Like.. really?!

I want this.

Sexy as always.

See? Less dykey.

If I were Aiden, I'd be all on that too.
MEANT TO BE. and only Carrie could wear that.
The only reason I'd ever want to be the age of 40.

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