Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend.

To be honest, Thanksgiving has always been one of my least favorite holidays. I get the whole importance of recognizing all that you are grateful for, but I think that this should be done daily and often. Also, Thanksgiving is centered around a lot of food, which is never a good thing. It signifies the beginning of the season of weight-gain and of loose fitting knit sweaters and leggings.Unlike your birthday, where you have to wear a tight, hot dress, the 4th of july, where you have to parade in a patriotic-themed bikini, and Halloween, where you have to party in an almost non-existent costume, this holiday doesn't call for dieting or working out (I'm not saying I do this, because I obviously don't, but I think it is a good incentive).With turkeys, hams, mashed potatoes, pies, and countless other desserts, it calls for traditional over-eating all the way up until Christmas at the earliest. 

This year, Thanksgiving was more fun than ever before. Being the least domestic girl my age that I know, I was very proud of myself of actually making a little something something for my family's Thanksgiving dinner,with the help of my cousin, Miranda Fortich. This year, we made Pumpkin Spice Dark Chocolate Kiss Cookies and are planning on doing this whole dessert-baking a Thanksgiving tradition.

Looks like it could be on Pinterest!

Also, another way to look forward to Thanksgiving is to have a cute outfit picked out. A cute outfit improves any situation because it makes you feel better about yourself. You don't sit on the couch feeling like a total granola, and instead, you socialize and talk to everyone because you want them to look at you... I know you do this, too. This is what Miranda and I wore to our Thanksgiving dinner:

Left (Mine): Lush tank top with crochet back, 2nd hand fringed maxi skirt found at Crossroads Trading Co., wooden Jeffrey Campbell wedges, Mom's old Dooney&Burke shoulder bag.
Right (Miranda's): 2nd hand white leather cropped jacket, Forever21 lace tank top, Hi-low wine colored skirt from a boutique on Melrose Ave., taupe patent leather Steve Madden chunky heels

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