Monday, December 5, 2011

Big Girl Season

What do you mean I can't wear my shorts and crop tops anymore?! Accept it, ladies. The days of perfect 75 degree weather and warm sunshine are behind us (yes, even if you do live in Southern California like I do.). The days are getting windier and the nights are getting chillier. Our tan legs and bare shoulders are no longer allowed to be flaunted as they did a couple months ago in this God-forsaken weather. While you thought maxi skirts and those sheer button-up blouses were suitable for the time being, you are probably beginning to learn, like me, that the feeling of hairs growing back on your legs or unfashionable goosebumps can no longer be ignored.

What to do about this dilemma? For me, anything below 72 degrees is not only unbearably cold, but prevents me to wear anything I want to wear. Basically a midget, standing at a sad 5 feet and 1 inch, I look like a spitting image of the chubby little chode that you call your right big toe if I try to bundle up for this arctic weather. It's either I freeze to death or tolerate looking like a disgusting troll escaping from under the bridge, with no doubt resorting to kissing myself underneath the mistletoe this holiday season. Between those two ultimatums, I would choose to freeze to death, hands down. This year though, I'm determined to find a way around it. 

While many would choose to throw on some jeans (a staple item I refuse to wear), Uggs (don't even let me go there), and a sweatshirt donning some Greek letters (that I will never understand), I'm going to give you a better option. 

What do the previous five pictures have in common? DING, DING, DING! They are all wearing sweaters. Not only will these keep you nice and toasty, but don't make you look like a total granola either. 'Tis the season to be a big girl (term coined by the very big girl, Jasmin Navar), for these wardrobe pieces will hide those not-so-lovely lady lumps that Thanksgiving and soon Christmas has tag-teamed to produce on your formerly decent bodies. More importantly, they give you the "just rolled out of bed and didn't take over an hour to get ready like I actually did" look that you love to give the impression of. These sweaters, with multi-colored stitching, winter prints and wool trim, cable-knit detail, and even sequins (I know, I know, try to keep yourself from jumping up and down.),  keep you warm without requiring you to look grandma. All these sweaters are from

Like was said before, I do not wear jeans. If you're like me (like I hope you are), you will invest in some nice, thick, non-cheap looking leggings, cute tights, or even some inexpensive knee-high socks you can find at Urban Outfitters or Forever21 to wear with the types of sweaters shown above. 

Happy Holidays.

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