Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rachel Bilson: Take a Walk in Her Shoes

Almost the start of winter break, it is now the end of the dreaded finals week. While most students are going Adderall crazy, camping out in the library, and pulling all-nighters, I have been doing the opposite. Sleeping early, studying for a couple hours, baking for one of my class' holiday party, and most importantly, watching old episodes of The OC. Going back about 7 years to Harbor High with our favorite drama-filled teen soap opera students, my obsession with Summer Roberts returned.

The start of The OC was the start of my realization that Rachel Bilson was my celebrity icon. Sassy, small, and stylish, who wouldn't want to be her?! So because of my procrastination in studying and watching a few shows, I decided to do a post about her new line of shoes, called ShoeMint. This new collection, created by style icon, Rachel Bilson, her renown stylist, Nicole Chavez, and major shoe brand, Steve Madden, launched November 25. I know I'm a little late on the post, but I did sign up for the website before it launched, I swear.

So if you want to be anything like Rachel Bilson, our favorite O.C. bitch and Hart of Dixie sweetheart, you will start here by getting your own pair of ShoeMint heels from her limited ShoeMint 2012 Winter Debut Collection. Personally- I gear more towards the Edith pump and the Pauline wedge. And the best part about them? Each pair has a 6-inch heel and 2-inch platform- perfect for midgets like me. :)

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