Monday, January 23, 2012

Cabo San Lucas on the mind...

A couple weeks ago, me and a few girlfriends booked our flight and hotel for CABO SAN LUCAS for Spring Break. Not only have I been meaning to get a decent bod in preparation for this (which I have been completely failing at), but I realize that just as important as looking great unclothed, I need to look just as good wearing clothes. Clear, crystal beaches. Drinking poolside next to the swim-up bar. Fine, beige sand. Dirty mexican bars. Squid Roe. Cloudless, blue skies. All these are future photo-ops that will result in hundreds of pictures being posted in Facebook that thousands will see. If my bikini body isn't up to par, I would hope my outfits would be! Browsing through Planet Blue's Ready, Set, Gypset January 2012 lookbook, I couldn't help imagining myself lounging in these pieces on the beaches of Mexico at the end of February... double-fisting with large margaritas in each manicured hand.

I'm not one for bright colors, but these pieces are so easy and effortlessly beautiful, it's enough for me to change my color palette in my neutral-based closet. The prints and colors would be so perfect for somewhere as tropical and sunny as Cabo. If only I had a penny for every time I said I'd work out and didn't for this upcoming vacation... these would already be packed away in my suitcase.

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