Saturday, March 31, 2012

mint green.

Mint green. I know I'm not the only one obsessing over this new "it" color. I have a couple pieces in my closet of this cool, springtime hue but not like this. My friend, Becca, spotted these jeans first, but since they didn't run in her size, she convinced me to try them on. 

I am not a jean-wearing kind of girl. I have super nice denim jeans in my closet, untouched for almost a year. However, I am 5'1'' and feel like a complete chode in tight, rough denim. These mint-colored jeans weren't any different. I still felt stocky and gnome-like, but they were too cute to resist. Besides, throw my Jeffrey Campbell wooden wedges on, and I figured they'd look at least decent.

I wore these brightly colored pants a couple days ago. Although it is now spring, it was FREEZING. And by freezing, I mean 65 degrees. I wanted to maintain the springtime feel and wear them anyway. To compromise with the cold, I threw on a white tank, my fur vest, some white sandals, and a couple accessories!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Naeem Khan Fall 2011

Last Tuesday, after having my masseuse, Sparrow, work her magic all over my body, leaving me in utter satisfaction and relaxation, I patiently waited for my manicurist. During this time, Le Posh Salon played several runway shows on the screens while guests waited. One that made me unable to take my eyes off the screen was Naeem Khan's Fall 2011 collection. I know that it is so last year but I feel like her pieces are timeless and so beautiful that I couldn't not post about them.

I am obsessed with the detailed beading, the ostrich feathers, and the way the dress looks like it is dripping off the models' body. Literally, every dress is breathtaking.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mila Kunis in Harper's Bazaar April 2012

in Versace.
When I read that Mila Kunis was on next month's cover of Harper's Bazaar, I couldn't help myself but Google a plethora of articles regarding her recent shoot on the only girl I would go lesbian for. 

I first fell in love with her upon the first episode of That 70's Show that I had ever watched. She played the role of Jackie Burkhart, a self-centered, spoiled little rich girl whose insensitivity and shallowness made watchers of the show laugh out loud, while filling me with admiration. She is known for being attractive, fashionable, and repeatedly calls her best friend a lumberjack, due to her lack of style and femininity. On top of that, she dates Michael Kelso, played by the super sexy and infidel Ashton Kutcher. Who wouldn't want to be her?!

More recently, Kunis is noted for her role in Black Swan, along with Natalie Portman. Her character is Lily, a free-spirited, bad-ass ballerina who is one of the factors of Portman's character's insanity.

This petite Russian bombshell is funny, vulgar, and has a no-bullshit attitude- everything I'd want in a friend. With her rising popularity, her appearances on magazine covers and ads for top fashion houses have dramatically increased. Christian Dior has recently taken on Mila as one of their representatives, joining cover girls like Charlize Theron and co-star, Natalie Portman.

Here are the pictures from Mila's Harper's Bazaar photo shoot:

in Dior.
in Alexander McQueen.
in Dolce & Gabbana.
in Chanel.
in Louis Vuitton.
in Yves Saint Laurent.
Carnival rides never looked so good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look on the Bright Side.

With Pepperdine's spring break being earlier than anyone else's, me and a lucky few have already gotten our sun-kissed skin that tells the world that not only will/did their spring break suck in comparison to ours, but that summer is almost here. With such tan skin, it would be a sin to cover it up and not show it off. However, with this cold weather (and by cold, I mean 66 degrees), we can't just parade in our swimsuits and crop tops paired with cut-off denim shorts like we did in sunny Mexico. 

Before you start tweeting or posting a Facebook status about how horrible the weather is, look on the bright side. Bright hues and white are the best colors to wear on any bronze beauty and can make the gloomy day a little brighter. :)

Be a Nasty Gal and bear your post-cabo depression by going to and treat yourself to these spring pieces.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Géraldine Saglio for VOGUE Mexico February 2012

It's been almost a week since I hopped off a plane at LAX, arriving home from spring break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Although I wish I could have documented my series of outfits that range from swimsuits to beach cover-ups to nightlife attire like I had originally planned, I may or may not have been too concerned with day drinking with Gilberto serving me unlimited mango margaritas, strutting my stuff on the stage at Mango Deck, and dancing on the main table at El Squid Roe. 

In replacement of a post on what to wear on spring break in a tropical island, I have instead decided to dedicate this post to one of the spreads I saw in VOGUE Mexico in last month's issue. After not being able to browse through blogs, Twitter, and Pinterest, as I usually would to get my fashion fix, I picked up this magazine at the airport while waiting to board the plane back to the US. 

I expected to see a bunch of spring wear, bright colors, and flowy fabrics in VOGUE Mexico, but to my surprise, Mexico isn't all about being half-naked all the time and loungewear (who would've thought?). 

This spread features the styling by Géraldine Saglio with pieces by Chanel. Although I am usually not a fan of the black and white color combo, I really enjoyed this spread and its simplicity and class. All looks feature timeless pieces. In Picture #1, I love the metal gold collar, especially how it contrasts with the soft fabric of the black sweater. Picture #2 is an ideal outfit for going to a job interview. Especially since I am off to an internship interview in an hour or so myself, I felt inspired and took note of this look in planning my outfit for today. I love Picture #3, with how feminine it is yet so edgy with the leather dress underneath the cardigan. It screams good girl and bad-ass all at once. Lastly, Picture #4. The shorts. That's all I have to say.

Again, like I said, I am not a fan of the boring black and white outfits. It reminds me of that store that middle-aged women shop at called White House | Black Market that makes me want to run the other way from its boring pallet. However, Géraldine Saglio and Chanel do it well with the feminine and edgy contrasts and the gold accents. Muy Bien!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Planet Blue x Foam Magazine Coachella Lookbook

Like me, many of you have recently received your Coachella tickets/wristbands. The days are slowly approaching for this music festival taking place in Indio, CA and with spring break in Cabo just ending, this is the next break from school that I'm looking forward to.

Using 90210's Gillian Zinser, Planet Blue & Foam Magazine have teamed up to create a Coachella-inspired lookbook. While most of the attendees are concerned with the line-up and music, I've got my mind on what kind of outfits to wear.
This music festival takes place in the desert.. which means it's going to be HOT. And it's not going to get any better with all the alcohol-consumption taking place that 3-day weekend. That being said, the less clothes the better. If you're going to look haggard from sweating and not caring how you look due to inebriation, you at least should be well-dressed doing it. Crop tops, mini-dresses, cut-off shorts, light fabrics, sunglasses, open backs, and a sun hat are a MUST. Still, with such a casual dress code, it's hard to stand out. That's where these Planet Blue pieces come in.