Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Géraldine Saglio for VOGUE Mexico February 2012

It's been almost a week since I hopped off a plane at LAX, arriving home from spring break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Although I wish I could have documented my series of outfits that range from swimsuits to beach cover-ups to nightlife attire like I had originally planned, I may or may not have been too concerned with day drinking with Gilberto serving me unlimited mango margaritas, strutting my stuff on the stage at Mango Deck, and dancing on the main table at El Squid Roe. 

In replacement of a post on what to wear on spring break in a tropical island, I have instead decided to dedicate this post to one of the spreads I saw in VOGUE Mexico in last month's issue. After not being able to browse through blogs, Twitter, and Pinterest, as I usually would to get my fashion fix, I picked up this magazine at the airport while waiting to board the plane back to the US. 

I expected to see a bunch of spring wear, bright colors, and flowy fabrics in VOGUE Mexico, but to my surprise, Mexico isn't all about being half-naked all the time and loungewear (who would've thought?). 

This spread features the styling by Géraldine Saglio with pieces by Chanel. Although I am usually not a fan of the black and white color combo, I really enjoyed this spread and its simplicity and class. All looks feature timeless pieces. In Picture #1, I love the metal gold collar, especially how it contrasts with the soft fabric of the black sweater. Picture #2 is an ideal outfit for going to a job interview. Especially since I am off to an internship interview in an hour or so myself, I felt inspired and took note of this look in planning my outfit for today. I love Picture #3, with how feminine it is yet so edgy with the leather dress underneath the cardigan. It screams good girl and bad-ass all at once. Lastly, Picture #4. The shorts. That's all I have to say.

Again, like I said, I am not a fan of the boring black and white outfits. It reminds me of that store that middle-aged women shop at called White House | Black Market that makes me want to run the other way from its boring pallet. However, Géraldine Saglio and Chanel do it well with the feminine and edgy contrasts and the gold accents. Muy Bien!

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