Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look on the Bright Side.

With Pepperdine's spring break being earlier than anyone else's, me and a lucky few have already gotten our sun-kissed skin that tells the world that not only will/did their spring break suck in comparison to ours, but that summer is almost here. With such tan skin, it would be a sin to cover it up and not show it off. However, with this cold weather (and by cold, I mean 66 degrees), we can't just parade in our swimsuits and crop tops paired with cut-off denim shorts like we did in sunny Mexico. 

Before you start tweeting or posting a Facebook status about how horrible the weather is, look on the bright side. Bright hues and white are the best colors to wear on any bronze beauty and can make the gloomy day a little brighter. :)

Be a Nasty Gal and bear your post-cabo depression by going to Nastygal.com and treat yourself to these spring pieces.

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