Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Knit-ty Gritty

Jane Birkin 1969.

This is Jane Birkin. Yes, the one in the beautiful, white, floor-length, long-sleeved, open-front crochet gown. When I saw this picture, I was awestruck. Jane Birkin is an English actress/singer. I had no idea who she was before researching her name once I saw this casual yet sooo not casual dress.

If in your head you're thinking, "Birkin... Birkin... I know that name," then like me, you were wondering if she had any relation to the iconic timepiece, the Hermes Birkin bag. As a matter of fact, Hermes chief executive, Jean-Louis Dumas created the Birkin bag in 1981 specifically for Jane Birkin. Like, what? Dumas sat next to Birkin on a flight from Paris to London (of course) and after she knocked over her bag, everything in it spilled all over the plane. She complained that she couldn't find a good leather travel bag, so he designed one for her. Cool. I'll be sure to spill my shit all over the next flight I take, hoping a designer will be sitting next to me and create an iconic bag in my name. 

Anyway, I'm getting off topic again. This is not about Jane Birkin, but about that dress she is totally rocking in 1969. It's summertime. Or at least it will be, once my 2 finals today are over. Regardless- summertime is right around the corner and crochet is definitely a must-have in your closet for this season.

Think about all the rooftop parties, the yacht excursions and the beach picnics you'll be attending. Or not attending. Either way, crochet is definitely a go-to piece to throw on over your bikinis.

Emilio Pucci's Birkin-inspired crochet gown

Other crochet pieces:

Emilio Pucci

Julien MacDonald



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coachella 2012

I know this is kind of late, but with Weekend 2 of Coachella just ending, I felt that the whole Coachella topic was still very relevant. If you disagree and think that the subject is played out and tiring, you can stop reading this post... which I know you won't do.

To be honest, I wish I had better prepared my outfits for the music festival, but I just did not realize how fast the weekend would creep up on me. My social and school life is just so impacted that I barely had time. You know how it is. Or...Well, you probably don't. Anyway, here are some of the outfits I quickly put together in between the passenger seats of Madi's car at Coachella Weekend 1.

Day 1:
High-waisted denim cut-offs, lace crop top, Coach headscarf, stacks of bracelets,
neon bandeau, & a feather headdress I made upon meeting new friends at the tent near our campsite.
Day 2:
White floral headband from my dearest Korean friend, Joanne Kim,
floral crop tube top I got at a thrift store for $2, fringe skirt, & again, stacks of bracelets.

Day 3:
(After my outfit change from what I wore in my previous post at the Coachella pool party)
Beaded headband from LF, "Jesus Saves, I Spend" UNIF cutoff tank (compliments to Josh Liu),
gold bikini top, and I can't say I even remember what bottoms I wore... probably the denim cut-offs
with studs on them.
Again, I apologize if I have disappointed you with my lackluster Coachella outfits. I also apologize for my failure at taking decent photos of my outfits- I honestly did not think about my blog or proper documentation due to having too much fun. Not sorry.

However, I did snap a few pics of outfits I thought were blog-worthy:

Cool girl at the beer gardens.
Cute bikini top + sheer maxi = easy outfit.

Brave girl wearing FUR in Indio.

Best Effing Dress Award.

They insisted I take the picture with them.

LOVE the hot pink sheer maxi + headband.

Also, I couldn't leave Coachella without documenting the stacks on stacks of bracelets me & my friend, Katelyn, were wearing.

Ok, I'm now I'm DONE talking about Coachella. It's over and I'm tired of making you all jealous of how much fun I had if you didn't go. Just kidding, I'm not. But really. I've over talking about it. Unless you want to ask me how my steamy hook up with Tupac's hologram was. K. Byeeee.

Coachillennn. Duh.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PBxFoam Coachella Pool Party

Coachella weekend has passed and I am still recovering from three days of non-stop inebriation, lack of sleep, and dancing. I have yet to upload pictures from the actual music festival that took place from April 13-15, so I will settle with using pictures found online from the Planet Blue//Foam Magazine Coachella Pool Party at Alcazar Hotel in Palm Springs.

I was so excited upon receiving this in my e-mail from the girls at Bollare Style + Communication Firm. The party was hosted by Gillian Zinser of 90210 and took place on Sunday. With a free flow of mango & lime margaritas made with Peligroso Tequila, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, & Coco Cafe coconut latte water, you can't go wrong. The t-shirt making station and the goodie bags were definitely a plus, too.

As always, me & my friends were total camera whores at the Snap Yourself photo booth:

And despite looking totally HAGGARD on the last day of Coachella weekend due to roughing it at the campsite (with no showering for 3 days... or was it 4?), I still got lots of compliments on my outfit. Stylist Cindy White & Virginia Ibarra approached me and snapped a couple photos on me to put on their blogs & Foam Magazine Facebook. I. AM. FLATTERED. Just let me toot my own horn...ok?

On Cindy's blog, taken by Cindy
On Foam Magazine's Facebook page, taken by Virginia Ibarra
Here are some more pictures from Cindy's BlogPlanet Blue's FB, & Foam Magazine's FB:

How cute are my mentors/Bollare girls?!

Thank you, Bollare girls, for the invite! I had a great time.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Harper's Bazaar Coachella Fashion Awards

The time has come. I will be Coachella-bound in less than 12 hours, with good clothes, good music, and good company. Believe it or not, I still have not packed for this fashion-packed music festival (so unlike me!). Sadly, my life isn't just about vacationing, going out in limos, and scoring awesome internships. I do have responsibilities like research papers, projects and presentations, and even work. Now that I've got my papers squared away and called in sick at work, I can FINALLY focus on what's important-- this weekend.

With so many girls rocking amazing outfits this week, I know we all need to look our best. Let's take a peek at previous Coachella-ers and see how Harper's Bazaar rated them:

Best Americana
Kate Bosworth & Agyness Deyn
 Best Supermodel Showdown
Alessandra Ambrosio & Chanel Inman
 Best Bellybaring
Beyonce & Vanessa Hudgens
 Best Floral Frock
Camilla Belle & Victoria Z
 Best Ground Sweepers
Diane Kruger & Isabel Lucas
 Best Grunge Glam
Harley Viera Newton & Alexa Chung
 Best Stage Style
Kanye West & Lauryn Hill
 Best Vintage LWD's
Katy Perry & Anne Hathaway
 Best Fruity Mash-ups
Vita Don Teese & Eliza Doolittle
 Best Short Shorts
Kirsten Dunst & Rachel Bilson
 Best Army Jackets
Rihanna & Alexa Chung
 Best Boho Booties
Sienna Miller & Kate Bosworth

Surprise, surprise. Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth made the list twice. I think we can learn a thing or two from these fashion icons... but as for the rest, I think all of us can do better. In my opinion, I think the floral flocks that those two lovely ladies are donning are a bit frumpy and the short shorts a little too boring (I want to see some dyed, cut-off, studded!). Overall, I'm unimpressed with this "Best Dressed" list of previous Coachella fashion. 

That being said, have fun this weekend. And dress to impress! Can't wait to see what everyone is wearing. :)