Thursday, April 12, 2012

Harper's Bazaar Coachella Fashion Awards

The time has come. I will be Coachella-bound in less than 12 hours, with good clothes, good music, and good company. Believe it or not, I still have not packed for this fashion-packed music festival (so unlike me!). Sadly, my life isn't just about vacationing, going out in limos, and scoring awesome internships. I do have responsibilities like research papers, projects and presentations, and even work. Now that I've got my papers squared away and called in sick at work, I can FINALLY focus on what's important-- this weekend.

With so many girls rocking amazing outfits this week, I know we all need to look our best. Let's take a peek at previous Coachella-ers and see how Harper's Bazaar rated them:

Best Americana
Kate Bosworth & Agyness Deyn
 Best Supermodel Showdown
Alessandra Ambrosio & Chanel Inman
 Best Bellybaring
Beyonce & Vanessa Hudgens
 Best Floral Frock
Camilla Belle & Victoria Z
 Best Ground Sweepers
Diane Kruger & Isabel Lucas
 Best Grunge Glam
Harley Viera Newton & Alexa Chung
 Best Stage Style
Kanye West & Lauryn Hill
 Best Vintage LWD's
Katy Perry & Anne Hathaway
 Best Fruity Mash-ups
Vita Don Teese & Eliza Doolittle
 Best Short Shorts
Kirsten Dunst & Rachel Bilson
 Best Army Jackets
Rihanna & Alexa Chung
 Best Boho Booties
Sienna Miller & Kate Bosworth

Surprise, surprise. Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth made the list twice. I think we can learn a thing or two from these fashion icons... but as for the rest, I think all of us can do better. In my opinion, I think the floral flocks that those two lovely ladies are donning are a bit frumpy and the short shorts a little too boring (I want to see some dyed, cut-off, studded!). Overall, I'm unimpressed with this "Best Dressed" list of previous Coachella fashion. 

That being said, have fun this weekend. And dress to impress! Can't wait to see what everyone is wearing. :)


  1. I saw your Coachella style and it looked great! (-:

  2. thank you! i need to blog about it soon.