Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PBxFoam Coachella Pool Party

Coachella weekend has passed and I am still recovering from three days of non-stop inebriation, lack of sleep, and dancing. I have yet to upload pictures from the actual music festival that took place from April 13-15, so I will settle with using pictures found online from the Planet Blue//Foam Magazine Coachella Pool Party at Alcazar Hotel in Palm Springs.

I was so excited upon receiving this in my e-mail from the girls at Bollare Style + Communication Firm. The party was hosted by Gillian Zinser of 90210 and took place on Sunday. With a free flow of mango & lime margaritas made with Peligroso Tequila, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, & Coco Cafe coconut latte water, you can't go wrong. The t-shirt making station and the goodie bags were definitely a plus, too.

As always, me & my friends were total camera whores at the Snap Yourself photo booth:

And despite looking totally HAGGARD on the last day of Coachella weekend due to roughing it at the campsite (with no showering for 3 days... or was it 4?), I still got lots of compliments on my outfit. Stylist Cindy White & Virginia Ibarra approached me and snapped a couple photos on me to put on their blogs & Foam Magazine Facebook. I. AM. FLATTERED. Just let me toot my own horn...ok?

On Cindy's blog, taken by Cindy
On Foam Magazine's Facebook page, taken by Virginia Ibarra
Here are some more pictures from Cindy's BlogPlanet Blue's FB, & Foam Magazine's FB:

How cute are my mentors/Bollare girls?!

Thank you, Bollare girls, for the invite! I had a great time.

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