Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bright Height

Brittany Snow, Ashley Olsen, & Fergie in Neon Pumps.

Are we sick of the neon trend yet? Uhmm. No. Not when summer is basically here, at least. We're about to be the tannest we will ever be all year and there's nothing like those bright hues to show off that cinnamon skin. 

Instead of doing neon in the obvious ways like blouses, dresses, bathing suits, whatever, it can be fun to just have a pop of neon. This can be done by wearing a neutral colored outfit, like white, black, or nude, and then making it fun by adding on neon-colored heels (only 5 inches and above, ladies!).

Personally, my favorite version of this look is Ashley Olsen's. I love the simple, white dress and then the loud, unexpected hot pink shoe.

Recently, I found a steal that inspired this post in the first place. While shopping for conservative shoes/clothes for New York with my mom, I stumbled upon neon pink platforms that are borderline stripper-esque. 

Jessica Simpson (much more neon/brighter in person)

Don't worry- I don't plan on wearing these babies with a skin-tight glittery get up that could be found at Spearmint Rhino. I'm gonna rock em' with something simple and understated and channel my inner Olsen.

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