Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sass & Bide's Seekerstate A/W 2012

If I was given a credit card to splurge on any one store, right now, it would be Sass & Bide. Even though this is its Autumn/Winter collection, I feel like its colors and patterns are perfect for summer. Usually I would just write a small paragraph on the collection as a whole, but I am so obsessed with every outfit in this post, that I can't limit myself to just one general spat. 

These neon necklaces in the first and third outfits are a must for this season. As many of my posts have talked about before, neon and bright colors are a super huge trend right now. Unfortunately, it can be really tough to pull off a solid neon piece or outfit. Just a bright, neon accessory like this necklace can have the same effect and add to any outfit. 

As I have also said before, I am a fan of metallics and sparkles. The beading or sequins or whatever gorgeous sparkly thing they used on the top in the first outfit is beautiful and makes me want it on my body immediately. I am in love with the full-on metallic dress. It's so easy and instantly glamorous. 

The patterns and colors of the last outfit are perfect for a day party in the hills of Malibu or for a nice lunch on Rodeo.

Again, the patterns and colors are amazing in this set of three outfits. I love love love the beading and shape of the first outfit. Now that maxi dresses are so trendy and overdone, this one by Sass & Bide is completely different and unique. The bright yellow is perfect for sunny days and the metallic silver with the see-through cutout makes it special and fun. 

Speaking of maxi dresses. Oh. My. God. Seriously?! The second look is SO easy and understated. Perfect for a yacht party or a chance to wear all-white before Labor Day. I love the simplicity of it and then the staple yellow clutch to add a pop to the outfit. The third outfit. Ahhh. It looks wet and just gorgeous. The high-slit is also super trendy right now and the monochromatic look of it all is just insane, yet so glitzy because of the beading. Do not even get me started on the first outfit. I have no words.

I have no effing idea where I would even wear the first or third outfits but they are genius. I love the cutouts and the beading. The third outfit. I don't even know what it is. A bodysuit? A dress? It's honestly breathtaking and I would sell my liver (which would mean that I could never drink again) for that outfit. It's like birthday suit meets Britney Spears' Toxic barely-there get-up meets... Heaven.

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