Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Party in the NYC.

If you're a sensible human being, you're probably already following me on Instagram or Twitter... Or if you're one of the lucky 400, my friend on Facebook and already know that I'm in New York City interning for the summer for a PR firm as a "Vera Wang/Joe Fresh Intern".

To be honest, the pictures above are a lie. I do not <3 NY. When I got here, I kind of hated it, actually. The subway system, walking in the wrong direction, the excruciating heat or the endless downpour of rain-- those are some of the things that make it in my WHAT THE EFF, NEW YORK list.

However, when my 2 best friends, Miranda and Sam came to visit, we did all the touristy shit and wearing those tacky, nasty I <3 NY 4 for $5 t-shirts was one of them... except we made it look much, much better.

Sam had hers cut into a crop top & paired it with a pair of my Levi's high-waisted cut-off denim shorts. I cut mine into a low side muscle-tee and paired it with a blue lace bandeau top & my favorite studded cut-off denim shorts. Miranda cut hers into an off-the-shoulder fringed top with her cut-off True Religion denim shorts. All of us paired our ensembles with our matching Jeffrey Campbell glitter Litas.

While NYC might not be my favorite city in the world, it definitely is a picture-worthy place.

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