Monday, October 29, 2012

Alon Livne SS12

After seeing all of Rumi Neely & Bryan Boy's tweets, I couldn't help be curious about what designers feature their collections at Tel Aviv Fashion Week. After looking through pictures of various collections by designers I have never heard of, there was one I was especially drawn to.

This designer was Alon Livne, a fashion designer in Israel who has been in the industry since 17-years-old. He previously worked for Roberto Cavalli in Florence and trained in London for Alexander McQueen.

In 2009, he was a contestant on a local version of Project Runway, where he won.

You can probably see a pattern in what kinds of clothes I post. I love promiscuity in pieces. I love sheerness, cut-outs and provocativity. I love the barely-there essence of all the pieces and their sensuality and femininity. 

I think it's time for Alon Livne to come to the US!

To see more of his designs, CLICK HERE.  

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