Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blonds or Brunettes?- The Blonds Spring 2013

Ok, so during my hospital visit after my car accident, the doctors drugged me out on morphine. Morphine is a narcotic drug that helps with severe pain and often times, it makes you hallucinate. 

For example, my friend Erin sees a yellow wallpaper border on in the rooms. On that yellow border, a big, black man sits in a beach chair with a yellow umbrella and points and laughs at her.

In my experience, as the doctors were working on me, I felt no pain but was fully aware that I was in the hospital. At the same time though, it was like I was transported to another world. While I was sitting on the hospital bed, I was, in my head, also in a sort of candy land world. I was running through pink, cotton candy fields in one scene, and then climbing huge dice cubes in another.

Now, many of you are probably wondering what the fuck this has to do with The Blonds fashion show. After I saw this line in State of Style on the Style. network, I realized that if I were able to wear anything in my morphine-induced candy land world, I would want to wear the collection by The Blonds! I'm absolutely obsessed with anything rhinestoned, crystal-encrusted and glittery.

The Blonds pieces look like something that belongs in a Katy Perry music video or concert show. For me though, it is something I would definitely rock in my very own candy land world.

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