Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For Love & Lemons' Les Femmes Resort 2012

For Love & Lemons has come out with their very first Resort collection-- "Les Femmes"!

For Love & Lemons describes their ideal Resort 2012 girl:
She wanders the French Riviera like she owns it, plucks flowers like they’re the forbidden fruit of long ago, and loves with such intensity, it will forever torment her. The collection cuts between naughty and nice – girlish silhouettes are juxtaposed with cutouts and sheer mesh paneling, while sexy styles are anchored in black or sweetened up with floral prints. Nods to French glamour are woven throughout the collection with bralette tops, teasing Breton stripes, and Can-Can worthy slitted skirts. Through bold and vivacious designs, For Love & Lemons’ "Les Femmes" collection punctuates the fear, insouciance, and growing self-confidence of a woman whose innocence and purity has been stripped away.
After all, God may have created woman, but nobody said she’d be perfect. 

Photography: Zoey Grossman 
Model: Sarah Stephens
Styling: Ashley Glorioso
Hair: Ashlee rose
Makeup: Samuel Paul 
Graphics: Gillian Mahin
Styled with Luv Aj X 4thandBleeker jewelry & Minimale Animale swimwear.

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