Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Can See Your Halo... Balenciaga Spring Summer 2013

This halo accessory is no where similar as the halo Beyonce talks about in her slow jam, or the "accessory" that I have to wear as a result of the car accident I was in. 

No, I'm talking about the halo-inspired headbands seen in Balenciaga's SS 2013 Collection that I found on the Oracle Fox blog. Instead of wrapping around the head like a halo on an angel (or on a crippled girl suffering from a neck fracture, like me), the halo wraps around the back of the head. 

While my halo is made of titanium and is a bland color of dark gray, Balenciaga's headbands are metallic gold, with some adorned with silver, or twiglike pieces. 

What better way to make your bedhead chic? A gold headpiece surely makes any outfit more glam and fashionable!

Recognize that black and white ensemble below? Kristen Stewart wore the identical outfit on the red carpet for her Twilight premier! Some other looks from this collection:

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