Monday, December 24, 2012

Louis Vuitton Presents Gstaad Resort

Louis Vuitton reinforces its ties with Gstaad by inaugurating a new "winter resort" store in a traditional chalet built in 1913 and located on the renowned Promenade.

Discover the famous resort through the eyes of Swiss blogger Kayture and her imaginary tribulations on her way to the Louis Vuitton store. The Maison showcases its stylish and elegant collections in the warm ambience of a winter ski chalet, a setting surrounded by authenticity and tradition, filled with new emotions and experiences. 

How cool was that video? Personally, my favorite part was the clothes & accessories slipping onto Kayture- who wouldn't want clothes to jump on our bodies instead of having to dress ourselves? If you're anything like me, you have to put on and strip off outfit after outfit daily. I've grown up with Louis. I always wanted one myself, after seeing my mom use hers ever since I can remember. I was so excited when she finally gave me this small one in the 8th grade that I now use as like, a pen case. At the time I thought it was so cool.

Anyway, Kayture, the fashion blogger used in this video, had her own take of her Louis Vuitton experience! Louis Vuitton is opening their new store in Gstaad, a renown winter destination in the Bern Alps of Switzerland. The boutique opens on the Gstaad "Promenade" and was inspired by swiss chalets, decked with a fireplace and even a LV lounge for those all shopped out!

Here are the pictures from her blog:

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