Thursday, December 27, 2012

New York Instagram Diary

They say, People go to LA to find themselves. People come to New York to become someone new. Well, that's what the chalk art on the streets of the West Village say anyway. To be honest, I just went to New York to intern at PR Consulting  as a Vera Wang intern. I'm not too sure if I became someone new, but I definitely got some good Instagrams out of it. I know this is about 5 months late, but I wanted to share. I was planning on creating a post on 2012 through Instagram, but I had so many in New York that I figured I should make a post solely for my little NYC adventure.

Packing for NYC was so hard. I had to play favorites amongst my heels!

Washington Square Park. This was what I saw everyday on my walk to the cafeteria & my internship. New York had so much life in it every day.

Not everything in New York was glamorous. I had to go on coffee runs almost every day. The first day I walked so much, I got a bunch of blisters & had to buy shoes at Rite Aid. Yes, Rite Aid. 

This was the constant reminder to dress cute every day from the office window at PR Consulting.

Street art might be my favorite thing about New York. The first was found in a cute little breakfast spot near my NYU dorm, called Lazy Dog Cafe. The second was at the Open Ceremony store in Soho- Jim Morrison lyrics on a red staircase. The last one was my favorite. The text was spraypainted on a temporary construction wall.

 I turned 21 in the Big Apple & it was one for many firsts- first time going to a gay bar, first time drinking champagne in the bathroom, first time taking shots on the Empire State Building and first time getting into a physical altercation with a really mean cab driver (not pictured).

Of course I had to pull a Holly Golightly near Tiffany's!


Another great thing about New York was its amazing eateries. Laduree's macarons are the best I've ever had- coconut was my favorite! And I couldn't go to NY without stopping by Serendipity 3, featured in one of my favorite Kate Beckinsale chick flicks. 


Although Times Square was definitely not one of my favorite places to be, with its overcrowded streets and littered pavements, it was a prime spot for an impromptu photo shoot with my best friends! 

I couldn't go to NY without seeing a Yankee vs. Red Sox game.

Or missing out on Brooklyn, the amazing view from the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty!

I also had the pleasure of visiting East and South Hamptons for a couple of weekend getaways.

I saw some famous faces- one I've known for years, Derek Klena, a longtime friend, in an off broadway musical, Dogfight. Also got to meet amazing NBA player, Chris Paul, while doing a GQ photo shoot.

Speaking of NBA, I wore this outfit to a sports bar to watch the Miami Heat beat OKC Thunder. :(

Some of my favorite moments were definitely stepping into a huge bubble in Central Park, walking 5th Ave. with my best friends and rowing boats at the Boathouse (where Carrie and Big fell into the lake!).

And then it was see ya later, NYC & back to CA. P.S.: See that Louis Vuitton weekend bag? Got it at a cute little vintage boutique for only $400!


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    Kisses, Dia - your new follower!

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